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“76 per cent of users of agile design tools have chosen Jira to increase transparency.

Source: Gartner

Grow your business with Jira data

Jira and the other Atlassian solutions link expertise, project goals and business goals. They allow you to

  • plan work phases in advance
  • monitor the different phases of the project in light of the data
  • identify and resolve interdependencies between teams
  • combine the goals of several different teams and projects
  • utilise the diverse expertise of key personnel in several projects simultaneously
  • predict the completion date of the project
  • make objective decisions based on data by combining return on business value with project objectives

…and lots more!

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“Agile projects are 28 per cent more successful than traditional projects.”

Source: pwc

“Jira is an agile project tool that allows you to get started easily and add functionality later as needs grow.”

Project implementation

Design > Proof of Concept > Configuring Jira according to customer needs > Piloting > Transfer to production and training

You can take evaluation licences for the duration of the project before making a final decision.