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Our website has a cookie management tool that allows the user of the website to allow and deny the setting of analytics and marketing cookies in their own browser. The management tool also contains a list of cookies to be set, their purpose and duration. You can access the management tool from the lower left corner of the browser window. Also read Avoset Ltd's privacy statement.

Avoset Ltd's online service uses cookies and third-party cookies to improve and personalize the user experience of the service, to collect information about the number of visitors to the service and the most popular content, and to identify visitors who visit the site frequently.

Avoset Ltd’s online service may use cookie files and other similar technologies to save information in your terminal device. The cookie can be valid for either a single session or for a longer period. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's device when he or she visits a web service in a browser.


Avoset Ltd's online service uses necessary cookies, which enable the operation of the website in the user's browser. Necessary cookies from the site are set by HubSpot and Google Tag Manager. These cookies store, for example, information about what other cookies the user has accepted for use.


The HubSpot system is used for visitor analytics on Avoset Ltd's website. HubSpot uses cookies to analyze how users use the online service. HubSpot uses cookies for example to analyze how users use the online service and combines this data with user data. Also read Cookies set in a visitor’s browser by HubSpot. In addition, the site uses the Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool to manage tracking tags.


Avoset Ltd's website uses the HubSpot automated marketing system. HubSpot uses cookies to collect information about how users use the site. The information collected by these cookies is used to compile reports, help improve the site and support our marketing. Also read HubSpot Privacy Policy.

The website also sets cookies for advertising targeting. These cookies are set by Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. In addition, the site uses the Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool to manage tracking tags.


We use a set of cookies that are optional for the website to function. They are usually only set in response to information provided to the website to personalize and optimize your experience as well as remember your chat history. Learn more about functionality cookies.